Barn solutions

Barn Solutions

We are proud to work with top of the line equipment for all our Barn Solutions. Visit a specific vendor below for more information.

Artex Barn

Sun North Systems

Forster Technik

Cow Comfort

Artex cattle handling equipment is a long-lasting, durable stabling solution. A combination of the proper pipe thickness, fully welded seams and complete hot-dip galvanization inside and out ensures some of the longest life expectancies of stabling products on the market.

Designed with low maintenance and cow comfort in mind, their stabling products encourage the natural behaviors found in pasture environments. With all the management benefits that make your job easier and help to reduce labor costs.

Red Barn

Promat Inc.

DeLaval Cow Brush

Ventilation System

A strong ventilation strategy is an integral building block of cow comfort. We offer a range of different ventilation systems to fit your needs:

  • Cross ventilation solutions
  • Natural ventilation solutions
  • Tunnel ventilation solutions
  • Hybrid ventilation solutions
  • Calf barn ventilation solutions

Speak to us today to find out what ventilation strategy is right for you.

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