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DeLaval VMS™

The extreme heavy duty all stainless steel stall provides perfect harmony between design and engineering. The robot arm, gates and robot frame are electro polished to give the station its unique, award-winning look and allow for easy cleaning. The rest of the station is made of either brushed or painted stainless steel. The robotic arm provides strength and reliability as well as consistent performance no matter the atmospheric conditions. The hydraulic mechanism operates for only 3 or 4 hours. Therefore, energy consumption is very low compared to the continual operation of a compressor.

Prior to milking, the teats are treated to remove impurities and keep them soft and supple, while promoting quick milk let down. DeLaval VMS has ICAR approved milk measuring per quarter to assure cow friendly, accurate take off. The teat cleaning cup and the milking cups are rinsed inside and out between each cow, minimizing the risk of bacteria transfer. Once the milking is complete, the teats are sprayed with DeLaval VMS approved teat disinfectant. The uniform teat coverage protects teats and udders against bacteria.

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Milking Solutions

We are proud to work with top of the line equipment for all our Milking Solutions. Visit a specific vendor below for more information.

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